"It's about being proper and prosper" (Toba Beta)

01It's essential to let the board fully take its role and responsibility

To help the CEO and his team look up from their daily challenges.

To provide expertise and guidance on topics of strategic importance.

To defend the long-term interests of the company.

02With respect for the expertise on both sides of the boardroom table

Each participant has a different role to fulfill.

From the manager who gets invited to participate all the way up to the chairman of the board.

03Combining experience from a variety of industries and ownership structures

My first non-executive board mandate dates back to 2005.

Private equity owned, family owned, non-profit organizations, ...

Real world experience

Over the last 15 years I have contributed – either as chairman, non-executive board member or as external advisor – to a variety of companies and organizations

Boards of Directors

Advisory boards

  • Vlerick Alumni  : leading business school for executive education
  • Intermat : rental and sales of construction equipment
  • Axon Group : engineering solutions in industrial air and water treatment
  • Provet : a leading network of livestock veterinarians
  • Collette : luxury eyewear retailer
  • G-Bloc : industrial production of ecological pallet blocks

Beyond the board meetings

A board member has to be committed.

So in the same way you don't choose your non-executive board members lightly, I am very thoughtful before taking on a board seat.

A non-executive board member is not just there to advise. He/she is co-responsible for the actions of the company.

So it’s crucial to be in sync with the purpose and the values of the organization.  There has to be trust and a clear understanding of the role of the board vs. the shareholders and the management.

This requires continuous interaction among board members and with stakeholders.

It goes beyond the formal regular board meetings.

Fulfilling a board mandate is intense.  It’s one of the most beautiful ways to support leaders and organizations in reaching their sustainable goals.

Are you curious about the value of better governance ?

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