We truly believe in the exponential power of partnerships.

Filip Coolen is a professional coach with 20 years of leadership experience. Previously he was responsible for business transformation at Proximus, a business unit director at TriFinance, and active at KPMG and ING. He also has consulting experience with Oliver Wyman & Bain. The leitmotif throughout his career is the successful implementation of business strategies and leadership development. Filip is licensed Insights Discovery practitioner and is currently training to become an ICF certified professional coach. His passion is growing people, bringing inspiration and creating a positive vibe within companies.

Helen Roelants is a professional coach focusing on families with children. Through her work with teenagers, young adults and their parents, it is her mission to bring peace and serenity back into households that are living in stress. Very often this is related to tension at school or university. Hence her specialty is to coach both children and their parents in handling these challenges, and return to a state of harmony. We often work together with Helen because there can be no sustainable success and happiness at work when there are troubles at home.

TPC Leadership is a global consultancy specialized in leadership development inspiring leaders to deliver extraordinary results. Its mission is to partner with organisations to create leadership capability that makes a lasting impact. At TPC Leadership there is a strong belief that better leadership requires valour, and the courage to go to your edge: because this is where learning, insight and genius happen. It demands that you be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and risk taking action for what’s right, without full certainty of the final destination.