Strategy8 februari 2021by Benoit Strauven0Fan of the plan

Are your team members completely on board with your plans? Some questions and thoughts around clarity in strategy communication.


Let’s suppose you have a sharp vision, a coherent and well communicated plan, a road map with milestones, a project list, a budget, a team of professionals. 

I invite you to ask one simple question to all your colleagues and stakeholders: 

“Dear ……………….…, 
On a scale of 1 to 10,
are you a fan of our big plan?”

Wouldn’t it be powerful to know the answer ?  
Wouldn’t it be amazing to take this survey every 6 months? 
Wouldn’t you want to measure how and where the fanbase is shifting?  

If your stakeholders don’t understand the plan, they won’t have clarity, that’s obvious.
But if they’re not a fan of the plan, they won’t have energy.
In both cases, the value of your ambitious vision and beautiful strategy will suffer dramatically.

It is well documented that managers and leaders tend to overestimate the clarity with which they communicate. In the same way, they overestimate the enthusiasm for their initiatives among colleagues and shareholders.

So, do you accept my challenge?  Are you willing to send out a questionnaire today with that one question, even if the answers might reveal an inconvenient truth ?

If you don’t want to, that’s fine, then be honest with yourself about the reasons why.  And work as hard as you can to get into a position where you’d be confident and vulnerable enough to ask this question. 


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