Leadership13 januari 2021by Benoit Strauven0You are what you tolerate

You want X. You'd like to see Y do Z. But it doesn't happen.
Look into your own pitfalls of accepting too much, not drawing a firm line.


I’m immensely grateful for the many reactions to my earlier post ‘Compared to what?’.  It’s clear that many leaders actively look for ways to reach full potential, both for themselves and their organization. Thanks again to those who shared their ideas and reflections with me.

Reaching full potential is easier said than done. There is no golden formula, no easy fix.  In all likelihood, it is never achieved.  It is however a very noble ambition.

A great place to start from is the “P = P – I” model of Timothy Gallwey.  
The formula simply states that “Performance = Potential – Interferences”.  

Interferences are all those elements that hinder you from reaching full potential.  Since our goal is to maximize performance, we need to minimize the interferences.  If we want to reach full potential, a state where performance = potential, we need to reduce interferences to zero.  

In recent months I have helped several senior executives by taking a harsh look at the interferences in their world.

I do this in 2 steps

  • Establish a list of all (!) your interferences: problems, challenges, dynamics that frustrate you, that prevent you and your team from reaching full potential.
  • Decide what you will no longer tolerate.  Prioritize.  Take ownership.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the model nor of the approach.  It’s an exercise that uncovers blind spots, increases clarity and makes you take action.  Working with a coach will help you go broader, deeper and faster, especially when your coach has extensive leadership experience.

To a very large extent, your interferences are what you tolerate them to be.  So do yourself a favor. Take a minute. Give yourself 60 seconds to think.  And if you believe, like we do, that you could benefit from a thinking partner, call us. This is not the time to be lonely at the top.



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