Leadership20 juli 2020by Benoit Strauven0Are you accelerating in the turn ?

It's the typical "summer challenge". You know you need to accelerate, but your company slows down.


A number of leaders shared a similar observation with me.  It relates to speed and acceleration during the summer months.

After being hit by the first wave of COVID-19, your company has gone back to the drawing board. However challenging the road ahead, it is now time to do what needs to be done.  

You know that you need to accelerate on a number of levels.  You’re coming out of a period of reduced tempo or even a state of paralysis. And soon you will run out of time to have significant remaining impact on the 2020 results.

But it’s summer. The energy and focus around you are dropping and much to your frustration things are slowing down.

  • People are taking a well-deserved holiday break with their families. 
  • Teams retreat in their old routines hoping to re-connect with predictable, manageable operations.
  • Like a driver slowing down before a turn, your company reduces its speed approaching uncertain times ahead.

It’s crystal clear. Now is the time for your company and your team to speed up, not slow down.  Not even a little bit.  It is the time to find acceleration, focus and impact.  

Sounds familiar ?  If this resonates, sign up for ‘Accelerating in the Turn’.  A short summer program, only for CEO’s of mid-size companies. You can register until 31/07, and we finish the program mid-September.   

Want to know more? Get in touch.
It doesn’t have to be lonely this summer.


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