Updates22 juni 2020by Benoit Strauven0A Great Month At Benoit Strauven & Partners

Looking back on a first month filled with impact and great connections.


It’s been a great month at Benoit Strauven & Partners ! 

We engaged with numerous leaders on a wide range of topics.

  • A shareholder hesitates between an active or a passive role in his own company
  • A CEO is grooming his succession, but has no clear plans for his own future
  • A general manager tries to glue an organization being split by two tribal coalitions
  • A management team is being put under tremendous pressure by a new P-E investor
  • A departing CFO leaves a hole in a distressed organization
  • A COO has trouble connecting with his CEO
  • A business unit manager doubts the quality and clarity of his company’s vision
  • A senior project leader at a global company can no longer find the energy to commit

Benoit Strauven & Partners has only one PURPOSE: to help CEOs and senior managers make the absolute best of these amazing and complex times. 

We combine senior leadership experience with specific coaching skills. We get to the point quicker, and we don’t lose track of the real priorities.

So do yourself a favor. Take a minute. Give yourself 60 seconds to think.  And if you believe, like I do, that you could benefit from a thinking partner, call me.

This is not the time to be lonely at the top.  Let’s talk soon,



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